CAST  -  Contact And Symplectic Topology
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Contact And Symplectic Topology (CAST) is a Research Networking Programme (RNP) of the European Science Foundation (ESF).

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The goal of this network is to stimulate exchange between researchers from all branches of contact and symplectic topology, in order to create a comprehensive perspective on the field and make progress on some of the basic open questions. The European scale of the network reflects the global nature of these questions as well as the European strength in the subject. The planned activities include workshops, research collaborations, and the exchange of PhD students and postdocs.

The research themes of CAST include :

  • Fukaya categories and mirror symmetry,
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  • Symplectic field theory,
  • Contact Topology,
  • Complex geometry and Stein manifolds,
  • Topology of symplectic manifolds,
  • Groups of symplectomorphisms and contactomorphisms.

For more information, download the CAST brochure (pdf, 2.1Mb):

CAST brochure
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